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Professional, independent handyman service in Manson, Washington - Home Maintenance & Repair

We've been offering handyman maintenance and repair services for Central Washington for over 30 years! And by now, we've got the hang of it - we can fix nearly any problem in your home! Our handyman service is always professional, quick, and friendly. We'll give you tips and recommendations for avoiding the need for repairs in the future while we make your home as good as new!

Professional, independent handyman service

Our Handyman Services

  • bathroom repair
  • ceiling fan repair
  • countertop repair
  • deck repair
  • patio repair
  • door repair
  • drywall repair
  • electrical repair
  • faucet repair
  • floor repair
  • furniture repair
  • garage door repair
  • grout repair
  • gutter repair
  • handrail repair
  • kitchen repair
  • light fixture repair
  • plumbing repair
  • screen door repair
  • showerhead repair
  • sink repair
  • steps repair
  • tile repair
  • toilet repair
  • window frame repair
  • window repair
  • window screen repair
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Chris P 6/22/2022

John is a really handy guy and is super professional. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help around the house. I will be using him on all my projects around the house.